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"Each of us carries beauty inside us.
The whole trick is to be able to discover them."​

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

For centuries, custom-made portraits have been extremely popular, as they have always met man's strong need to consolidate one's own likeness.
In the old days they spoke of wealth and high position of the people being portrayed, they emphasized their dignity, strength, and all the desirable virtues.
They were often passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Today anyone can enjoy having a unique image that will become a tasteful and irreplacable interior decoration, a memory of some important moment in life and a representative element of any interior.
The portrait is also a great gift idea for the loved ones, for friends or business partners. It may be a proof of affection, an expression of respect, sincere thanks, or a nice gift.
By ordering a portrait, we can be sure that we have something truly irreplacable, which is made specifically for us, something as unique as we are.

How should a portrait look like?

Opinions vary. Some believe that the portrait should give off the character of a portrayed person. Others, that it must reflect his likeness. Still others believe that the most important are the eyes in the portrait. Each one of them is right and in my work I try to combine all these elements together to create portraits which will make you feel satisfied.​



Artistic wall painting is one of the oldest methods of decorating both the interior and the facades of buildings, expressing uniqueness, prestige and original character of the building. With my help, you will be able to create  unique wall paintings in rooms, offices and restaurants and give them a new and unique character. I assure my customers of the professional realisation of the contract - from consultation through design to execution. I also offer help in selecting appropriate themes that match the character of the interior. Thanks to that, everyone who is tired of gray and commonplace, will find a few warm tones to soothe the senses, which will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. It is you who chooses the colour palette of your life and decides whether a day will be painted in the shades of gray or the colours of the rainbow. Depending on what palette you choose, through these colours you will see the world around you, and through these colours you will be perceived by others.

Sense of art and experience with the wider world of art create limitless possibilities in decorating and interior design as well as in outdoor visualizations and  advertising - from murals inspired by the history, through realistic and fairy paintings to graphics, abstraction and painted advertising: art, graphics, logos of companies.

PROJECT- At this stage, I talk to the Client and listen to their suggestions. Each of us is different, and views the world and colours in a different way. Each of us has different visions and expectations. Therefore, I treat each and every Client very individually, trying to live up to their expectations. I offer my advice in the selection of colours and arrangements. I do graphic design that is to be set up on the wall free of charge.

COST- The cost of the painting depends on the complexity of the painting, labour involved, technology, and surface of the painting. There is no fixed price list for these services. This is a Fine Art service, so prices may be divergent and very individual.

IMPLEMENTATION- Wall painting is created using acrylic paints which are environmentally friendly, water-resistant and light. The implementation depends on the design and usually takes several days. Sometimes, however, it requires more time and attention.

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